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02/26/09 10:51:35
Comment by camilocortesb at gmail dot com
brilliant i just converted an analogue (ink hand painted) drawing, which i scanned (digitalized) then contrasted, then vectored, and then turned it into (0, $, *, @,.,:,;) chars at 2x4 rez. Looking at it huge in size in the simplest txt editor. I played the steps in my head, from my hand and the steps transforming data in the hands of programmers math like that, made me dizzy in wonder. The result is coop object with many authors, Im thinking in engraving it in a metal sheet with a laser cutter, and of course, i'll give you credit and the other soft for it. and im gonna try to make the something like it (not a high % of success) with flex builder and their bitmap class. i wonder. the -1 from rating is for the UI. the human thing is also boring, i typed Assertive-pragmatical-entropic-fighter

11/10/05 07:16:23
Bug Report by lamer5 at mail dot ru
Found the cause - there were spaces in the path to file. Though, it's rather unconvenient to use the program - i have lots of pics in 'My Pictures' and i have to move them to render to ASCII.

11/10/05 07:13:23
Bug Report by lamer5 at mail dot ru
Doesn't work. I open a JPEG and nothing happens - just some window appears and doesn't show anything.

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