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05/27/07 10:32:15
Comment by RadBFM at gmail dot com
Ummh... yeah. I tried to run this twice, and both times did MAJOR crash-and-burn on my PC, as well as killing off the post-mortem. (WinXPH SP2) For really no apparent reason. As much as I love the concept, I can't even see anything of it to tell if it's any good or not, so... meh.

05/28/06 11:01:05
Bug Report by endoradivynal at yahoo dot com
I downloaded several screensavers, registered them, and tried to install. When I put the info in I get a message: wrong name/serial. Why?

11/07/05 07:01:54
Comment by julian46 at optusnet dot com dot au
Dear Sir/Madam, this is a great screensaver that you have designed. After installing it i could not find it in any of my system folders as type .scr , therefore the system will not start it up automatically after xx minutes. Can you please help me regarding this query.

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