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05/13/20 06:41:55
Comment by hey at gmail dot com
Does not work, corrupts the save

03/24/10 12:43:28
Feature Request by furious_angel0 at hotmail dot com
can u please give me a step by step, maunal how to do this, ( yes i know im a n00b):D

01/16/10 04:42:05
Bug Report by grim dot willi at gmx dot at
after I edit my *.srm file it wont be able to load from it anymore! Is there a special version recommended or a specific zsnes version??!? I want to change the stats of the chars. I also read somewhere that as soon as you refit eg. a weapon the stats even if you manage to change them will be reset to normal. HELP!

02/18/08 11:04:48
Bug Report by serpent_strike at hotmail dot com
I can't seem to get this working. My current save files were set back to an earlier stage in the game. Having alot of problems. lol

12/12/05 02:28:11
Comment by admin at gendou dot com
It works on the save game file, not the freeze state.

12/11/05 01:06:56
Comment by spam_me at curl dot aunz dot net
Gave it 3 for a great idea. would have given it more if it came with a help manual. would have given it even more if it didn't corrupt my save files. does this work only with a certain version of the game (eg PAL or NTSC?)

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