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12/23/15 10:27:29
Comment by Christopheroychicoine at gmail dot com
good software very efficient

07/20/15 10:10:19
Feature Request by josephcopenhaver at yahoo dot com
The weapon/armor/accessory editing process makes no sense to me. Where are the bloody ID's for the items? The help/about section is empty in the program. There is nothing on your website. I googled but couldn't find anything. WHERE are the ID's?

06/05/13 06:30:30
Bug Report by rhdude1 at gmail dot com
Please disregard my last comment, but now I get an error saying outofboundsexception was not handled and it shuts down. Help?

06/05/13 06:18:52
Bug Report by rhdude1 at gmail dot com
I have received my serial code and name and when I enter them correctly, it says incorrect serial/name. Help?

05/24/06 12:04:09
Comment by software at gendou dot com
Actually, software at is added actively not passively. In other words, i added the programs myself, they were not "spidered" like with search engines.

05/23/06 10:36:23
Comment by scifiterx at earthlink dot net
Ok, I read through the news and see what's going on with the shareware situation. You should probably be aware VersionTracker did not add the Mac versions of your software until May 17th.

05/23/06 10:01:05
Comment by scifiterx at earthlink dot net
Final Fantasy VI (aka US SNES FFIII) has always been temperamental with cheats. This program allows bypass the problems of a lot of cheat option problems. My only quibbles were so minor I'd hesitate to drop a full point for it. I really love this program and cannot find any critical flaws. However for constructive criticism purposes I will list my thoughts on the aspects in the application that I didn't like so much. (Observation) While registration is free, reading the registration cost upfront would have been nice, even and perhaps especially if it is free. (Bug) It'll erroneously display crystal shield if you set the quantity of the item after the item ID but that easily correctable by selecting the item ID and pressing return. Last and most definitely least have I'd have also loved to see descriptions for the various items you can affect However, that isn't really a necessary feature and it might bloat a fairly clean application if that is done.

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