All software 100% off :P May 17th, 2006
Since nobody seems to be rich enough to pay for the licenses, i have set them all to Free!

FF1 & FF2 RAM Editor Released! November 20th, 2005
Now the six-part Final Fantasy RAM editor series is complete! What will I work on next? Maybe Dragonquest, maybe breath of fire. Special deal: buy a registration for any one FF series save game editor and receive FREE license keys for the other 5! Thats a 6-for-one deal, less than a dollar per license key.

FF3 Ram Editor Released October 28th, 2005
Again, I have created a save game editor for another new platform; well an OLD platform actually! FF3, the old Nintendo game, is one of my favorites. There are my 2 favorite features:

Lufia 4 RAM Editor Added October 20th, 2005
I have finally finished the save file editor for Lufia 4: The Ruins of Lore. This is my first Gameboy Advanced save file editor, and it wasn't all that bad. The cool part about the program is that you can recover a quick save file, even after you have loaded it!

Screenshots October 13th, 2005
Screenshots have been added for all the screen savers except for Wild Parns (it bounces images around your screen which you supply, so a screenshot would be boring).

Feedback Added October 12th, 2005
Now you can submit and view feedback for any program. To do so, go to the program details page, then click on the "View/Leave Feedback" link. When you leave feedback, you can submit a rating for that program (1-10). The average rating is also visible on the details page. Feedback is welcome for bug reports, feature requests, or regular old comments.

New: Lufia 1 RAM Editor October 8th, 2005
Today I finished the RAM editor program for Lufia and the Fortress of doom (click here). More game hacks coming soon! Also, I have added a list of interface commands for all the screen savers, as well as an editable fields summary for all the game hacks.

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